Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Micheladas in the World !

           Micheladas Antojitos is a unique blend of spice carefully selected to enhance the flavor of your favorite beer or cocktail . It comes in a convenient styrofoam cup with a hand dipped salted rim,with our special blend of spices. Our goal and dedication is in providing our consumers with the best tasting spice mix ,but we are also diligent in providing a high quality product that can not be compared . We are the pioneer of the salted rim cup and our micheladas have made us the leader. Micheladas Antojitos is now being distributed throughout the United States.

Look for our cup in your local liquor store or super market. Micheladas Antojitos holds the United States patent and is dedicated in providing outstanding customer service. For information about sales and distribution contact us. Taste the quality that only comes from the best. For more information contacts us at (323)691-3316 .